2014 World Wide Partnership Conference in Korea

All the buyers got together from all over the world!

KORAD invited buyers from all over the world to Korea for 4days (Nov 11 to 14, 2014), showing off the new technologies and signed MOUs with them.

For the conference, the buyers from about 20 countries such as Malaysia, South Africa, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, etc. took part in it, and the products as follows

VRcast : 3D Real-Time Virtual Studio

EZcast : 3D Stereoscopic Real-Time Virtual Studio

FORcast : Multiple Touchable Switcher

SMASy : Sports Motion Analysis System

were exhibited strongly attracting their attentions.


On Nov 12, at the booth of KORAD were lots of buyers from abroad.

They got specific explanation of and discussed VRCAST, EZCAST, FORCAST, including the technology of SMASy(Sports Motion Analysis System) which is the newly developed product.


Also, at the time, KORAD made a tour of TJB which is one of the public broadcasting centers in Korea for them.

They had a question and answer session on how the products had been being used and how the influence was for real during the tour in TJB broadcasting center.


On Nov 13, the buyers visited Daejeon Community Media Center and experienced the virtual studio in person.

They tried being announcers in news or weather forecast, and treated the system in person, having a question and answer session.


Following the session, they attended the World Wide Partnership Conference in KORAD’s conference room.

James Woo, the vice president, gave a briefing on the keywords – “New Concept Virtual”, ” What can we do for you?” Then, they got opportunity for better understanding and getting closer with cooperative companies through the heated discussion on the future business plan and technology supporting policy, etc. presided by Mr. Rocky, the international marketing manager.


KORAD attracted the buyers from all over the world with the creative technology and cooperative mind for close partnerships.

In the results, it succeeded in not only the counsel of export with Chinese, Vietnamese buyers, etc. but also signing MOUs with Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, etc.

This kind of conference for partnerships is expected to continue every year.