NAB 2011 took place in Las Vegas from 11th to 14th April.
We proudly presented its VRcast HD/ SD compatible Virtual Studio System in the event and draw lots of great reflections.
Visitors are attracted by the smooth camera movement and tracking shot realized by one stand still camera and pleased to find out how easy it is to operate the software for all the effects.
As the unique Virtual Studio System with optional and upgradable amount of input channels and support all the input/ output interfaces covering
digital and analog approach, many end users found out that it can be considered as a HD-SD and Digital-Analog converter and switch board besides a fully functional virtual studio system. They also brought us many new situations where our system can meet their specific needs.

However, the biggest reception, like all the other trade shows we have attended, was the new cooperation opportunities we found.
Distributors from west coast USA as well as from the east coast, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Italy, Spain, UAE, South Korea have shown interest and began the follow-up contact after the show.

The big release of retraining and maintaining cost due to the ease-to-use and flexible structure of the system help them a lot in deciding to resell the product in their market.
They also think highly of the support for the virtual scene and hardware component from us.
We are expecting much wider distribution channel in the next few weeks.