SMASy Solution

Provide optimized Video Analysis System according to kinds of sports through Pitching Cam, Motion Plus, and Free-Zoom (Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Tabletennis, etc.)

Quick adjusting of users’ demand by self technology development and original technology secured.

Relay Broadcasting, Professional Lesson (on going), Personal (coming soon) Versions are released.

Applicable in most of sports by balls and motions.

Key Features

  • Provide methodical sports lesson solutions by video analysis.
  • Eidetic lessons and repeated practice utilizing video & images.
  • Provide graphic tools for eidetic and scientific analysis.
  • Provide continuous & effective management tool through private saving, managing, and sharing lesson data.
  • Adaptable events : baseball, golf, gymnastics, diving and so on.
  • SMASy applied to 17th Asian Games Incheon 2014, the final, the 2nd game in semi-final, 3rd and 4th place playoffs.


Sports Motion Analysis System

Pitching Cam

(Eidetic lessons and repeated practice using video & images)

  • Use real-time video analysis and images
  • Functions comparing before & after lessons
  • Compare with model-form videos and save it at once

Motion Plus

(Saving videos of the contents with trainer’s voice, text, and graphic tools)

  • Automatically synchronizing saving function for contents of lessons, voice, text, and graphic analysis
  • Effective & scientific analysis by various graphic tools
  • Analysis magnifying specific point of a video screen by ‘Zoom-in’ tool

Free Zoom

(Broadcasting, Decoding)

  • Realizing multiple point of views and multi-angle display system by super-high resolution camera
  • HD out-put function (Pan, Zoom, Crop in real-time) dealing with in-put of high resolution up to 4K
  • Developing Real-time Capture and Rendering engine for Live-sports event

Various Video Saving Ways Combind with Lesson Contents

  • Saving continuous motion video
  • Slide-expressing way
  • Expressing mosaic

Management of Database for each player’s training video & interlocking with SNS

  • Utilizing for systematic lesson management of each player’s training videos and career
  • Providing shared & personalized information using SNS interlocking function
  • Allowing unlimitedly repeated lesson functions through setting web-service

Product Types for Applicable to Sports