Virtual Studio Solution Road-Show (Taiwan)

KORAD gave a lecture on “Now, we are in the center of digital content industry” introducing the related equipment to the faculty members and over 50 students in Southern

Taiwan University of Science and Technology on April 25, 2014.

The lecture was given by the virtual studio set in practice. While attending the road show, the attendees could have self-esteem of what they have worked for.

The road show lasted for a week at the studio of TC, a distributor in Taiwan with several government officials on 25th, the engineers from SHIH-HSIN CABLE TELEVISION INCORPORATION on 28th.

KORAD made presentations on VRcast, EZcast and other equipment. The attendees showed considerable interest in the products so the CEO of the Inc. attended the road show.

KORAD will do its best to provide the best product and service satisfying customers.