◆ 2015 World Wide Partnership Conference in Korea ◆



All the buyers got together from all over the world!

KORAD invites buyers from all over the world to Korea (Sep 22nd-25th, 2015), to open new partnership worldwide.
With support of Daejeon city, KORAD invited buyers from different countries.

Some of them even made a flight longer than 24hours just to visit Korea and meet with KORAD.
To welcome them from this long time hard trip, a welcome dinner party was held at Daejeon Convention Cnter.


Many innovative companies with high technology held their own booth the introduce their products
and their big vision to guests from all over the world. KORAD also opend a booth to introduce VRcast to the public.


KORAD’s special guests who showed their deep interest in VRcast were invited into our model studio at the 1st floor
of our company. Mr.Woo, who is the vice president of KORA introduced features of VRcast to people with help
of Mr.Padney, who is in charge of international marketing here in KORAD.


After the session, same buyers were invited to TJB, one of the most known local TV broadcast station here
in Daejeon city. Our guests saw how KORAD’s VRcast is being used by Korean large TV stations.
They were amazed that very hadful people can operate the system very simply, to create TV contents.


To satisfy our buyers need, further more session was held to go into more specific technical details of KORAD’s products.


Every buyers were conviced that KORAD and VRcast is a strong product and a company that satisfies their
cusomers’ need. With this strong confidence, they signed MOU with KORAD.