New Concept VCam Tracking Virtual Studio Solution!

A User-friendly and Powerful solution UNIcast is a powerful and the most user-friendly Virtual Studio solution available in the market which only requires few hours of training. It is a flexible system which can be easily used by any broadcast professionals for different production needs such as News, Entertainment, Education, Health, Weather Forecast, Finance and many more other programs.

A Dynamic and Unique solution UNIcast is dynamic and unique Virtual Studio solution which is equipped with all the advance functions and technology required for producing a high quality professional video contents. The unique functions allowing individual object control, 360° Camera angle, Virtual animation and Virtual Crane movements makes it unique in comparison with any other competitive solutions.

A Next Generation Solution UNIcast is made for professionals who are looking for the next generation technology.
Its 3D Real Time Virtual function combined with the RTMP/RTSP live inputs, and Web Streaming provides the next generation technology in the hands of each and every professional broadcasters. The only limit of UNIcast is Limit of your creative Imagination.

Affordable and Cost Effective UNIcast is the world’s most affordable and cost effective solution of its type in the market.
With the minimum requirements of the space and technical manpower, UNIcast is the must have solution for any kind of Virtual production need.
It replaces the traditional needs for separate Multiple Cameras, Switcher, Recorder, Streaming and Subtitles.




1. Real Switcher(8) & Virtual Switcher(12)

  • 24 Channel Virtual switcher with MIX/TAKE/CUT
  • switcher can be control between Source to Source, Source to Virtual, Virtual to Virtual

2. Individual Object Control

  • 36 Individual layers less objects in each Virtual Set
  • Intuitive object control : Size, Position, Direction, Texture & Real-time Virtual Object Animation.
  • Ready to use 3D objects to directly import in existing Virtual Sets

3. Object Library


4. Multi Format Recording

  • UNIcast supports MPG, MP4, MXF, MKV & AVI

5. Multi-View Screen

  • 3 Switchable Multi-view models via Output card/NDI

6. Multi-Channel Input

  • 8 Channel SD/HD Live Video input
  • RTMP/RTSP Streaming input
  • NDI input
  • Key/Fill Signal Input and PTZ Camera Input

7. 12 Adjustable Virtual Cameras with PTZ Dolly Boom Control

  • Easy adjustable 12 Virtual cameras
  • using just 1 live camera and virtual camera together without any additional steps
  • 12 virtual camera angles to create a high-end studio scenario.

8. 8 CH Virtual Crane movement (Zimmy Zib) Function

  • Virtual Crane movement which is called as S Play function
  • Users can create 8 sets of Virtual Crane movements
  • using all the 12 Virtual Cameras with adjustable speed and align
  • Virtual animation along with any S Play.

9. 3 Color Advance Chroma keying Technology

  • 8 Channel 3 Color Advance Internal Chromakey
  • Crop and Micro Adjustment functions

10. Multiple Control Options

  • Switching Control Panel,
  • Tablet Controller and
  • NAWA Object Controller

Key features

  • 8 CH SD/HD Live Video input
  • RTMP/RTSP Streaming input
  • NDI input
  • Key/Fill Signal input
  • PTZ Camera input
  • 8 CH 3 Color Advance Chromakey with Crop and Micro Adjustment functions
  • 12 Virtual cameras with individual PTZ Dolly Boom Control
  • 360° free movement of all the Virtual Cameras
  • 8 CH of Virtual Crane movements with 12 Virtual Cameras
  • Virtual cameras linked with Virtual object animations
  • 36 Individual layers less objects in each Virtual Set
  • Intuitive object control: Size, Position, Direction & Texture
  • Real-time Virtual Object Animation
  • 24 Channel Virtual switcher with MIX/TAKE/CUT between Source to Source, Source to Virtual, Virtual to Virtual
  • Different video formats mixed input are supported with decoder installed in Windows system
  • PGM/PVW Signal Output via output card or NDI Air
  • Recording in ts, mpg, mp4, avi, mxf, mkv formats with optimized compression rate
  • 3 Switchable Multi-view models
  • RTMP Live streaming to YouTube, Facebook, Ustream, Wowza etc.
  • Inbuilt RTMP server for broadcast to devices in LAN
  • UNIcast Switching Control Panel, Tablet Controller and NAWA Object Controller
  • Direct import of Virtual sets and objects from 3DS Max/ Maya

General Features

  • Screen Shot : 1 Click screen shot of PGM output
  • Global Lighting : Full control of Brightness, Color & Lights
  • Actor Adjustment : Actors brightness and color adjustment
  • Scene in Screen : Link Virtual Camera to Virtual Screen
  • Alpha to Screen : Images with Alpha Channel to create special display
  • Subtitle : 8 Layers of subtitle with backboard, animation, text, color adjustment
  • Consumption Monitor : Status bars for CPU/GPU/Memory
  • Effects : Shadow effect, Light effect & Color effect
  • Deck Control : VTR control Play/Pause, REW/F FWD, Audio
  • PTZ Camera Control : PTZ Camera built in control
  • PIP : Virtual Customizable PIP Function


  • 3D Stereoscopic Output option
  • Safety Bypass card option for emergency
  • Tally Control card option
  • NAWA Object Control option

Hardware Render System

  • Windows 10 64Bits Operating System Base
  • Multiple external input signals such as: 8*HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, Component, Y/C, CVBS
  • 1920×1080 Full HD resolution and 2*HD/SD-SDI, Component, CVBS output signal
  • The standard output format of PAL/NTSC. 1920×1080 50i/60i, 720×576/720×480

Studio Configuration Image